Four Cases for Emotional Intelligence in Advertising

More support for the argument that attitudes drive actions

Posted on 2020-08-11

The work we do at Emotive Technologies has always been inspired by a simple belief, that if brands fully understand the human connections people have with them, business success will follow. In the following article, David Penn neatly summarizes…

"We’re In It Together" is not Going to get Cash Registers Ringing Again

Building and sustaining consumer engagement through the pandemic by catering to attitudes that drive consumer actions

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Posted on 2020-08-05

"COVID-19 is here to stay, people will have to adapt." That was the title of the first article I saw in a recent copy of the Economist. The piece argued that we need to accept this pandemic as a lingering challenge with long-term societal impacts…

Consumer Attitudes are Rapidly Changing: Emotive Technologies’ COVID-19 Report Helping Companies Navigate Tricky Territory

North American study reveals that companies should create moments of joy and build relevancy during COVID-19 and beyond

Posted on 2020-06-19

TORONTO – June 16, 2020 – Emotive Technologies Inc.has released their COVID-19 Pulse Report. The Canada and US study measures current consumer attitudes to show how companies can navigate the difficult landscape of operating during and after…

The Frailty of Human Attitudes and their Impact on Brands

We begin to share the learnings from our COVID-19 June Pulse Report

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Posted on 2020-06-15

When we turned the calendar to 2020, none of us could have envisioned what we were in for. The global health pandemic, the ensuing economic meltdown and political upheaval, and most recently the mass global protests to highlight systemic racial…

How Emotive Began

More than just friends in a basement

Posted on 2020-06-04

The Emotive Company was founded in June of 2019 by four incredibly driven people with complementary skill sets.  A team with expertise in psychology, behavioral neuroscience, data science, attitudinal research and decades of practical…

Data Shows How Brands Can Help During the Pandemic

Examining Google search data reveals attitudes relevant to brands

Posted on 2020-05-28

Who better to report on what people have been searching for during the pandemic than Google. Highlight - People want inspiration to do things differently, from cooking and gardening to celebrating healthcare heroes, and are sharing their findings…

Seeking Permission to be a Brand Again

COVID-19 will change the way your customers think of your brand

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Posted on 2020-04-16

"How are you feeling?" In the still-unfolding days of the global pandemic, it's the first question we ask of family, friends and colleagues. It's the orientation we start every day with. It’s the concern that is driving our collective thinking…