Never having conducted a brand-driven campaign before, a major North American energy company reached out.

Key Challenge

Having never conducted a brand-driven campaign before, our client - a major North American energy company - needed a way to measure the effectiveness and success of the content with the target audience in deepening engagement with the brand.

Role of BEST

To define the ways the target audience - in this case females aged 25-49 - most desired to engage with the brand, and the effectiveness of the campaign content in driving forward the measures most critical to deepening the relationship.

Findings & Implications

  • Within the survey, expose half of respondents to branded content, while keeping the other half blind. Measure BEST rating for all respondents and compare. 
  • Among the target audience, the brand was found to have a primarily rational relationship based almost entirely on what the company delivers, versus how or why they do it.
  • Even in this traditionally low-engagement category, Emotive uncovered a strong desire for a more emotional relationship with the brand, especially on three key metrics:
    • Dependability (feeling like the brand has my back)
    • Relevance (feeling like the brand fits who you are)
    • Dedication (feeling like you want to support the brand whenever possible)


The blind / exposed survey found that the campaign content developed by their agency addressed these specific elements extremely well, and the BEST score among those exposed was 59% higher than those not exposed.


The BEST rating allowed for numeric evidence of the positive emotional impact of the brand campaign - something any marketer knows is typically very hard to quantify. This, alongside other positive campaign feedback, gave this very performance-based organization the confidence needed to fund and expand the campaign again in 2020.

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