Combining attitudinal philosophies with technologies and data science.

Our Purpose

To reveal the human connections that drive business success.

People are your customers, but they are also mothers & fathers, brothers & sisters, sons & daughters, friends, colleagues, fans… They are Human Beings…with feelings, they have emotions and they have a belief system that drives their every move. So, in this ever changing world, how can today’s business cut through and connect. Truly make that connection that makes your customer feel….and believe in your business.

This is no simple task. But the team at Emotive is driven to deliver a simple and persistent solution.

About Emotive Labs

Emotive Labs is driven by a team of innovators and dreamers dedicated to the science of scoring feelings and beliefs and relating these scores to business success. We are proud of our scoring capabilities, but this is just the beginning. How can we apply this capability to help our customers and partners establish an even deeper understanding and connection to their customers?

E-Labs applies Human-Centered design thinking into linguistics, other tech platforms and APIs

The Lab is focused on developing new and custom solutions alongside customers and partners from the ideation stage through incubation, development and beyond.

How it Began

Nearly 20 years ago, the search began to figure out how to quantify, measure and track audience engagement. With the help of hundreds of books and research papers, experimentation with dozens of companies and organizations of all sizes and stripes, toying with different methodologies, and testing distinct ways to execute, Emotive Labs was created.

A team with expertise in psychology, behavioral neuroscience, data science, attitudinal research and decades of practical marketing expertise, coming together to create something amazing. Our work to date has launched BEST and AIM, and is currently exploring the application of linguistics, novel assessment protocols and IP evolution to guide new products and platforms for future application.

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