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Humans are emotional creatures by nature, our feelings determine how we behave, and define the depth and nature of engagement that exists in our relationships with the brands we know and admire. That’s why it’s so important to understand the nuances of re-engagement and how to do so respectfully and authentically.

Industry Specific

We looked at what drives engagement across 5 key industries including banking, hotels, mobile providers, quick service restaurants, and retail.

Timing for

Find out what people are looking for to re-engage across different industries. Is it time? Cleanliness? Or something else entirely.

Methods for

We identify the critical factors that consumers are looking for to re-engage with brands. Some you may have imagined, others were less obvious.

Measuring Success

We will be tracking many of these brands over the coming months to quantify the extent to which they are successfully building audience engagement.
Emotive Inc Covid-19 Pulse Report June 2020 Content Sample

Audiences' attitudes towards brands have taken a dramatic turn from Covid-19. In order to make informed decisions about your business during the uncertainty of the novel coronavirus, you need to understand the signs of when and how people are prepared to re-engage with your brand out of desire, not just need.

We are equipping brand leaders, free of charge, with our report in response to this new economic landscape. It is the culmination of a North America wide study that details attitudinal obstacles that companies, organizations and brands face and need to overcome in order to rebuild their audience relationships.

Our report provides valuable access to broad audience information within various industries, and is an asset to any company that recognizes the immense value of brand engagement and loyalty in 2020 and beyond.