Audience Intersection Mapping

What is AIM?

AIM (Audience Intersection Mapping) takes your audience-understanding to the next level.

Fully understand the people you need to win with, the emotional and functional journey they take with your brand, the most critical emotional and rational elements for your brand to establish, and how to most effectively represent your brand in market.

Phase 1 – Audience Profile

Defining your key audiences through attitudinal profiles.

AIM prioritizes audience groups based on how they feel and what they believe about your category and brand, so you have a firm grasp on what ultimately motivates them to behave – or not – in your favour.

Phase 2 – Audience Path

Highlighting the attitudes that impact the audience journey.

AIM reports on the key touch points of your audience’s functional journey with you, and the attitudinal drivers of engagement at each moment. This uncovers the elements that are most critical to their overall experience, which of them are driving interest with other category players, and how specific touch points elicit positive or negative emotions that help or hinder deeper brand relationships.

Phase 3 – Brand Profile

Seeing your brand in its most positive light.

AIM identifies the ideal positioning and messaging your brand needs to embrace in order to engage with your audience in a way that they will respond most positively towards.

Phase 4 – Brand Path

Translating learning and insights into actions.

AIM provides strategic thinking, activation ideas and messaging considerations for how the brand should be expressed across channels, to maximize engagement.

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