What is APEX?

APEX provides you with a sophisticated data-driven scoring system enhancing NPS to help you action your audiences' desires and track the success of your efforts.

100% Data-Driven.
Rooted in Science.

APEX Scoring System is a revolutionary way to quantify audience engagement.

We take a snapshot of your organization’s audience engagement, track it over time, and help you understand the impact of your market activity.

APEX can help you answer questions such as: How does my audience feel about my brand? Or, how likely are they to stick with me through tough times and increased competition? Or, is my brand aligned with my audience’s priorities?


APEX (Brand Engagement Sentiment Tracking) uses survey-based data and advanced analytical modeling, and the outcome is more than a simple engagement score. It’s the diagnostics that explain the score, and the specific actions that can be used to improve it.


Our system is based on 16 key metrics that indicate a person’s likelihood to advocate for a brand. This blend of emotional feelings and rational beliefs outlines the existing and desired relationship that your audience has with your brand.


APEX engagement scores are intended to correlate to key business metrics. They help explain how audience attitudes translate into behaviours that deliver for your business, and can forecast expectations for the future.


This is where most brand metrics leave you hanging. With APEX, you’ll know why people are likely to engage with your brand, and how well the brand is performing on the elements that are most important. This leads to insightful recommendations on where your brand needs to take action.


Getting started with APEX is easy. After a 2-question online survey and some statistical modeling, you’ll have your first snapshot of your brand’s health by determining and explaining your audience’s likelihood to advocate for your brand.

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